Home Safeguard Industries


Established in 1975, Home Safeguard Industries has built an internationally renowned business designing and manufacturing a full line of proprietary fire safety detector testing products aimed at Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Heat Detectors and the related accessories – all American made!


In 1979 the original Smoke Detector Tester aerosol testing product was created, received its first patent and the first UL Listing. SmokeCheck™, Smoke Detector Tester was the first of a kind, developed to answer a need for a testing method that tested the full functionality of a Smoke Detector.


Over the last 30 years, HSI has lead the field in the development of testing mediums and the tools required to perform the functional testing of Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Heat Detectors. HSI products have been developed in compliance with NFPA72 and all Domestic and International Rules, Regulations and Standards.


HSI Fire & Safety Group, Home Safeguard Industries products and tools have become the world standard for testing products and tools. HSI continues to meet and exceed all domestic and international standards and remain the innovative leader.