CaT Kit™

HO-Cat CO Detector Tester Kit

The first Completely Self-Contained Carbon Monoxide Detector Test Kit.

Simple • Easy • Complete

CaT Kit answers the CO testing question of: Standing and holding a test enclosure for up to 15 minutes for an accurate carbon monoxide detector test reading. CaT Kit adheres to the surrounding wall with a light tack adhesive to enclose the CO detector for the appropriate testing. Most detectors sound within 10 to 25 seconds making this the fastest carbon monoxide detector testing method.

Now the first and only stand alone UL Listed Carbon Monoxide Detector Testing Device

CaT Kit™

Light weight – weighs less than 1 lb. 2800ppm of Carbon Monoxide GWP of less than 1 (.016).
Both CoCheck and the CaT Kit are UL Classified. The top cover of package is your enclosed delivery tool. 100% All Natural, contains only materials found in the air we breathe.

SDS Sheet

CaT Kit™ Sales Sheet

Four Easy Steps To Check Your CO Detector

1. Open CaT Kit, reserving the front panel for testing
2. Cover Detector, using the front panel (low tack tape will hold in place)
3. Insert Straw provide into the nozzle of the spray can
4. Empty the contents of the can into the enclosure thru the spot marked "X". Simply throw the front panel away when test is complete

That's it, that is all it takes. If your detector is functioning properly, your detector should sound within 10 to 25 seconds. (Average response time 12 sec.)