Enclosed Delivery testing for smoke, CO and heat detectors is economic, uses less gas to test alarm system and isolates the aerosol spray from the general air flow. Using the 16ft extension pole and 4ft extension enables you to reach even high, remote smoke detectors quickly and easily. Versa-Test Aerosol Dispenser accepts all sizes of SmokeCheck™ Aerosols.  Recommended for detector testing in areas where airflow must be restricted, such as hospitals and clean rooms. 


Enclosed Delivery Kits:

HO-VTED8 8ft Enclosed Delivery Test Kit

HO-VTED16 16ft Enclosed Delivery Test Kit

HO-VTED8H 8ft Enclosed Delivery Test Kit + Chemical Heat Detector Tester

HO-VTED16H 16ft Enclosed Delivery Test Kit + Chemical Heat Detector Tester

HO-VTKit1 Original Enclosed Delivery Test Kit with 16ft Fiberglass Pole + 4ft Extension

HO-VTComplete Open Delivery, Enclosed Delivery and Heat Detector Tester Kits combined


Enclosed Delivery Individual Parts:

VT1 Enclosed Delivery Test Head

VP8 8ft Fiberglass 2 section Telescopic Extension Pole

VP16 16ft Fiberglass 4 section Telescopic Extension Pole

VP4X 4ft Fiberglass Extension for use with the VP16 Pole

VPB-1 Professional Equipment Tool Bag


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