October, 2012 - HSI Fire & Safety Group is proud to announce that Mr. Stefan Yost has joined the HSI family as our National Business Development Manager. He brings over 25 years of experience, including strong technical knowledge and installation expertise in the Detector Testing segment of the Fire, Safety and Security Industry. Stefan will be developing new business avenues and taking HSI to new heights within the detector testing sector of our industry. Continue to watch HSI as our explosive growth continues thru 2013!

August 27, 2012 - HSI Fire & Safety Group, LLC announces today, Mr. Tom Barakat of Tom Barakat Consulting has joined our team of Fire and Safety professionals. Mr. Barakat brings 30+ years of industry, agency compliance and product certification experience to our team. Mr. Barakat will be functioning as a product specialist as well as our agent for compliance and regulatory agencies. Please join us in welcoming Mr. Tom Barakat to the HSI Fire & Safety Group LLC family.

March 28, 2012 - HSI is honored with the NPS New Product of the Year Award, Tools and Hardware category, at the ISC West Show, for our new, innovative HeatCalibur, Heat Detector Tester.

2012 - HSI is proud to announce the new product release of the revolutionary; CaT Kit, Carbon Monoxide Alarm Test Kit. The CaT Kit is a completely self contained, CO Testing Tool and Aerosol. The original unit was designed and released in 1994, and has been updated to use the newly released CoCheck. The CaT Kit is UL Classified and the CoCheck Aerosol is also UL Classified. This is the first unit of its kind to the market, Simple, Light Weight, Inexpensive, and Accurate.

2012 - HSI is proud to announce the first release of the much anticipated 'Calibur' Professional Electronic Detector Testing Tools. Our customers have told us what they need... HSI has answered their requests with the revolutionary new HeatCalibur (first release of the 'Calibur' tool line). The bright LED temperature gauge, the pre-set testing modes, including °C & °F read outs, the rapid response time of under 90 sec. and the fact that the unit weighs under 3lbs are particular favorites with the industry. However, at the top of the list of advantages, is the UL/ULC Li-Ion Batteries with 90+ test per battery. Tomorrow's Technology…Today!

2012 - HSI is also proud to announce the new PurCheck, Smoke Detector Tester, the only truly, totally non-flammable aerosol tester available. Does not use the environmentally damaging 134a and 152a propellant! Most non-flammable products must state that they have upto 20% flammability, read the can carefully! PurCheck is totally, complete, NON-FLAMMABLE! PurCheck is the Totally Non-Flammable alternative to 25S. This product is environmentally friendly and bares a rating of GWP.0039. The best in the industry!

2011 - HSI Announces a revolutionary year of growth!

2011 - HSI again expands its staff as it welcomes Accounting Manager, Nancy Leanna. Ms. Leanna brings 20+ years of manufacturer related accounting experience to our highly knowledgeable staff.

2011 - Siemens approves our 25S for use with their combo Smoke/CO detectors.

September 2011 - HSI Fire & Safety Group is proud to announce that Mr. Richard Cunningham has accepted the position of National Sales Manager.  Mr. Cunningham brings 35+ years of professional experience and superior industry knowledge of the Fire, Safety and Security Industries,.  He will be responsible for all national sales and marketing as we lead HSI in the launch of the much anticipated ‘Calibur’ line of electronic detector testing tools.  As National Sales Manager, Mr. Cunningham will continue the HSI corporate vision of excellence in both products and services.

January 2011 - HSI again expands its staff as it welcomes Inside Sales specialist, Nancy E. Tipitino.  Ms. Tipitino brings 20+ years of sales and customer service experience to our highly knowledgeable staff.

April 2011 - HSI unveils the much awaited and anticipated HeatCalibur™, a truly portable, battery operated Heat Detector Tester. HeatCalibur™ will functionally test all Rate of Rise and Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors. HeatCalibur™ will be available at all Fire Safety and Security Dealers in the 4th Quarter of the year.

June 2011 - HSI announces the upcoming release of 3 new products; 

The Tri-Dent™ - a 3 position extension adapter, allowing the local tech to put Open Delivery, Enclosed Delivery and Heat Detector Testing tools on one extension pole, saving both time and money.

CoBadge - a personal Carbon Monoxide Detector.  This product is designed to be worn by the technician working with and testing CO detectors.  This product is not intended to replace CO Detectors but rather provide one more step of protection for the technician who is exposed with greater frequency to carbon monoxide gases.

DuctCheck™ - Specially concentrated smoke detector tester designed to quickly and effectively test Smoke Detectors located within Duct Work.  This special concentration of the famous SmokeCheck™, Smoke Detectot Tester takes into effect the air flow fluctuations involved in detectors located in airflow duct work.


HSI Fire & Safety Group invites you to watch for an explosion of new tools in the next 12 months. We are expanding our product line with tomorrow's technology for today's professionals!