Smoke Detector Tester

PurCheck™ is our new totally non-flammable, environmentally safe smoke detector tester eliminates the risk of any harmful residue. This Smoke Detector Tester exclusive to HSI, tests both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors. This UL/ULC Listed product is approved for testing smoke detectors and meets NFPA72 and International Fire Code Requirements

SDS Sheet
PurCheck™ Case Study
PurCheck™ Sales Sheet

the PurChoice...
to properly test the functionality of smoke detectors that save lives.
the PurPromise...
to functionally test with an ecologically responsible, non-flammable aerosol product.
the PurCommitment...
to promote a safer environment, both today and for future generations.
  • UL/U LC Listed
  • The only Totally Non-Flammable Testing Product available.
  • 250+ test per can
  • Environmentally Friendly, proudly displaying a GWP 6
  • No CFC, No HFC, Ozone Friendly
  • Meets all NFPA72 and International Fire Code Requirements
  • Non-Flammable alternative to 25S Smoke Check™
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